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K's Pilate's and Personal Training  is based on the belief that movement is a natural part of living.  Sedentary jobs interfere with our need for movement and we become stiff and sore.  Aging gets blamed for all our aches and pains, when it may be due to a lack of movement.  Pilates is a stress free way to enjoy movement and allow your body to open up and begin to heal.  Everyone deserves to feel good.  Aging does not have to be in charge.  Pilates on the apparatus is effective for; strengthening, elongating and creating a feeling of general well being.  Every workout is geared for you.  Our bodies are in a different place every day, your workout changes to meet your needs for that particular day.  Pilates is a perfect cross training activity as well as a perfect companion to cardio programs.  Some will say that you can not gain strength from pilates.  Recent research shows that pilates not only strengthens, but increases range of motion by elongating the muscles.  Instead of tight contracted muscles, one gets long lean strong muscles.  The breathing aspect of pilates not only allows you to relax, but allows all of your cells to relax as well.  Joseph Pilates was a genius at movement and knew that all people needed to do this type of exercise to be able to keep in the game.  All types of athletes do pilates to be able not only play better but literally be able to play many more years than they thought they could.  Is it a fountain of youth?  No, but movement is. 
Come do a pilates session and you might just improve your golf game.
We would welcome the opportunity to earn your trust and deliver you the best Pilate sessions in the industry.
K's Pilates and Personal Training
Kay Colgan, BS
Physicalmind Pilates Mat and Apparatus Certified
Ace Group Fitness Certified
14 S. Madison Street
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